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iMPP is MLM iPhone on Steroids!

Take the elegant design of and iPhone or iPad, functionality of 'Instant Access' APPS, Inspetta's DB44 MLM Software, and infuse it with SPEED!

Introducing iMPP! The hottest MLM iPhone Software Application.


  • If an MLM Company, MLM Software Solutions (Contact: us at 1-888-221-0106 or
  • If Distributor, make sure you are part of an MLM Company who is using our MLM Software Solutions
  • iPhone 3G or higher
  • Wi-Fi or Internet Access
  • Download App from iTunes
  • MLM Company Credentials
  • Distributor Name
  • Password

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Introduces the MLM iPhone Software Solution...

About MLM iPhone

The iMPP MLM iPhone application was designed to give your distributors instant iPad and iPhone access to their MLM Network information, including Sales, Distributors, Customers, Contacts, Genealogies, more, all found within Inspetta's DB44 Corporate MLM Software Back Office. Distributors expect to view their Genealogies, Orders, Commission Statuses, etc., but now can do so instantly from their iPhone or iPad.

Waiting in line at the bank?
iMPP provides distributors with the opportunity to check their back office right from their phone.

Just met a prospect at the coffee shop?
Wow them with their latest up to the minute information from their iPad. iMPP turns chance moments into MLM Money Making Opportunities.